Mortgage Broker

Beata holds Cert IV in Mortgage Broking, has sufficient experience of 15 years in business and connections with Banking, Conveyancer and Financial Advisor.

Hence, you will have her undivided attention throughout the process, Beata’s priority is to obtain the best loan for you given your circumstances and objectives. After settlement, she will continue to review your loan and work in the background to ensure you always have the best possible loan.

Beata is available after hours and weekends, she can meet you face to face in your house or the office, over the phone or Skype, you chose what is comfortable to you.
Beata’s clients love the flexibility of dealing with her according to their availability.
Beata believe’s in empowering her clients by encouraging them to ask as many questions as they like, hence to understand the important and exciting process.


Contact Me

Phone: 1300 511 655