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Finance Leases

In the world of business, access to essential assets and equipment can be a game-changer. However, acquiring these assets outright can place a considerable burden on a company’s financial resources. This is where finance leases come into play, offering a strategic financial solution that empowers businesses of all types and sizes to thrive without significant upfront capital outlay. At ARG Finance, we offer lease financing services to help you find the right option for your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re a startup, SME or large corporation, we can help you acquire a suitable finance lease.

The Benefits of Commercial Lease Finance

Commercial lease finance allows businesses to rent assets such as machinery, vehicles or technology from a lessor for an extended period. Unlike operating leases, finance leases enable the lessee to gain almost full ownership benefits. The lease term usually covers the majority of the asset’s useful life and the lessee often has the option to purchase the asset at a nominal cost at the end of the lease.

The advantages of finance leases are numerous. Firstly, by opting for a finance lease, businesses can preserve valuable working capital and maintain liquidity, channelling funds towards core operations and strategic initiatives. Additionally, there are potential tax implications of a finance lease, as lease payments are often considered operational expenses, potentially reducing taxable income.

A Personalised Approach

ARG Finance’s dedicated team will work closely with your business to find an appropriate lessor agreement that aligns with your financial goals and cash flow requirements. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we take a personalised approach that ensures clients can find suitable lease terms, interest rates and repayment schedules. We can even help you with bad credit lease financing. With our help, you can plan for the future with confidence.

How Does a Finance Lease Work?

A finance lease is a type of long-term lease where the lessee effectively buys an asset through fixed rental payments. The lessee has the benefits and risks of ownership, while the lessor retains legal ownership. At the end of the lease term, the lessee may have the option to purchase the asset.

Find the Right Finance Lease Today

ARG Finance stands ready to be your trusted financial partner, enabling your business to find an ideal direct financing lease and thrive in today’s ever-evolving landscape. Get in touch with us today to learn more and discuss your requirements.