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Novated leases have emerged as a popular option for businesses wanting to provide their employees with an attractive and tax-efficient means of acquiring vehicles. At ARG Finance, we have a team of experts who have a wealth of knowledge regarding novated finance leasing, helping clients to find the right option based on their specific circumstances and objectives. Whether you want a non-maintained lease or a fully maintained lease, there’s nothing we can’t help you with.

What is Novated Finance Leasing?

A novated lease is a three-way agreement between employers, employees and their novated lease providers. This arrangement allows the employee to lease a vehicle of their choice while the employer takes on the responsibility of making lease payments on the employee’s behalf. What sets novated finance leases apart is the seamless integration of these payments into the employee’s salary package, reducing their taxable income and maximising their gross pay.

The Benefits of a Novated Lease

Novated leases in Australia offer financial advantages for both businesses and their employees. Businesses can attract and retain top talent by offering a unique and appealing employee benefit without incurring the costs associated with vehicle ownership, while employees can benefit from reduced financial stress as they enjoy the convenience of a brand-new vehicle and its running costs without a large upfront payment. The potential tax savings and improved cash flow make novated leasing solutions an attractive option.

Frequently Asked Questions


Novated leases involve three parties: an employee, an employer and a leasing company. An employee can lease a vehicle, which the employer pays for from the employee’s pre-tax income. The employee benefits from reduced taxable income, while the employer handles the lease payments.


Novated finance leasing can save money for some people by bundling car-related expenses into pre-tax deductions. However, savings depend on factors like the car’s cost, usage and tax regulations. Careful analysis of individual circumstances is vital to determine if novated leases are cost-effective.


Yes, lenders typically assess the lessee’s credit score before approving the lease. This helps determine the lessee’s ability to make lease payments and fulfil the contractual obligations associated with the novated lease agreement.


Novated leases typically include a vehicle of the employee’s choice, associated running costs (fuel, maintenance, insurance) and lease payments. The employer deducts payments from the employee’s pre-tax salary, offering tax benefits. At the lease term’s end, the employee can choose to renew, upgrade or return the vehicle.


The finance portion of a novated lease involves the arrangement for an employer to take on the financial responsibilities of leasing a vehicle on behalf of an employee. The employer deducts lease payments from the employee’s pre-tax salary, simplifying vehicle financing and tax implications.

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