Mohan Somasundaram

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Experience: I have 8 years of experience as a mortgage broker, giving me a deep understanding of the industry and its intricacies.

Specialisation: I specialise in a variety of areas within the mortgage industry, including residential loans, commercial loans, SMSF (Self-Managed Superannuation Fund) loans, asset finance and personal loans.

Professional Affiliation: I am affiliated with the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia), which ensures that I stay connected with industry standards.

Approach to Working with Clients: My approach involves paying close attention to the unique needs of my clients and developing tailored solutions to ensure their satisfaction. I strive to maintain regular communication with my clients even after the loan settlement, providing ongoing support and assistance.

Points of Distinction: What sets me apart from other mortgage brokers is my commitment to continuous service. I make myself readily available to answer questions, address concerns and offer guidance on various mortgage-related matters, such as refinancing or renewals.

Niche or Focus: While I collaborate with clients from diverse backgrounds, my focus is on understanding their unique needs and catering to them. I stay up to date with the latest offerings from various banks and actively participate in seminars and industry events. This allows me to provide a wide range of niche products to my clients.

Philosophy or Mission: As a mortgage broker, my mission is to assist my clients in achieving their mortgage goals. I prioritise excellent customer service throughout the entire process, ensuring that my clients are satisfied and happy with their mortgage experience.

Educational Background and Certifications: I hold a Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking, which equips me with the necessary knowledge and skills for the role. Additionally, I have an MSc degree in Automotive Engineering that showcases my analytical and problem-solving abilities.