Rajeshwar Singh

Meet Our Experts Behind ARG Finance's Success: Our Team • Mortgage Broker

Rajeshwar is an FBAA accredited mortgage broker, meticulously articulative in his approach, friendly and excessively fastidious with customer services. Being an investor and a homeowner, Rajeshwar is fully equipped with the technical finesse required to troubleshoot common and specialized scenarios.

The ever-changing dynamics of the finance industry have resulted in the development of a myriad of options which could be very confusing and overwhelming for a common man. Rajeshwar loves to work out the best possible solutions with finely crafted loans to meet the desired outcome for the customers.

In concurrence with the organization’s goals, Rajeshwar endeavours to keep up high standards of services and make your Homeownership journey, a memorable one. If uncertainty clouds your mind, wipe it off with a phone call or shoot an email.