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Home staging- 5 Property Presentation Tips

Once a property enters the real estate market, it becomes a product and in order to sell it at the best price it needs to be able to attract customers. For a property owner, to gain an edge above the rest, A Home Needs To Have The Right Features, benefits, the right price and the look better than the competition.

Hence, this where home staging, the process of creating a space that reflects a lifestyle that people want to have, comes in. It works by emphasizing on the positive features and benefits which can help people visualize themselves living in the new home. Home staging makes the  house look bigger, better, brighter, cleaner, warmer, and more loving such that home buyers would want to buy it.


Today it is no longer enough for a seller to just try and hide clutter, keep the lights on, and burn candles so that the home smells nice when the buyers come over. These techniques are old school tricks which have been passed on through generations of sellers via their realtors, to lure in potential customers.

However, the buyer today is much sophisticated and their choice depends on the presentation that you put up, the duration that the house will sit on the market, and also its sale price. A home seller should be aware that their property is faced with a market that is more competitive than ever. This is why they need to go to lengths that were simply not necessary a few years ago, to make their homes stand out in a crowded market place.

That is why home staging helps a home sellers to prepare and present their home for sale, in such a manner that it appeals to the widest possible audience and sells for the highest possible price.

The home staging process usually involves depersonalizing the living space by clearing out clutter, rearranging any existing furniture so that space and light can be maximized, by cleaning the house from top to bottom and inside and out, painting the rooms in a neutral color palette, and replacing carpets or floors if necessary. Home stagers ensure to make any kind of necessary repairs and updates inside and outside the house, the last step being bringing in new furniture and accessories to dress the space and create a warm and welcoming environment.

With staging a home seller is actually trying to establish an inviting home that the buyers will fall in love with. Staging is more about creating the “Oomph” factor, whereas interior design is more about the “Wow” factor.


Home-Staging is a relatively new concept in Australia. However, it has proven to provide a massive advantage over other properties that have been put up for sale. Here are some reasons why staging works.

  • Buyers are uncreative and they need someone to show them how the house can function properly for them. Rooms must have a clearly defined purpose.
  • Buyers do not have enough time in their hands and a majority do not especially have the time to take care of large repairs or updates that a house requires. Hence, if a house needs a lot of work and repairs then it will act as a show stopper for them.
  • Home sellers should realize that home buyers who are looking for their dream house are going to pay a lot and hence expect a lot for their money. That is why, if there are any red flags like some uncompleted tasks in the property then home buyers will most likely move on to another home or ask for a price reduction. This in turn slows down the selling process.
  • The house that is being sold has been the buyer’s dream for a long time. Remember, before you create a staging, that buyers want to feel like they are moving into their new home, and not their old home. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in the home comfortably.


When buying a house, home buyers set out to shop logically but end up buying based on emotions. Most of us buy a house because it feels like the right thing to do even though it might not meet all of our listed criteria. This is the emotional connection that home staging aims to create in the buyers. Here are 5 presentation tips that will speed you up your home’s sale.

1. Boost curb appeal

Increase the look of your house on the outside to lure buyers as many of them would prefer driving by the area first. The exterior view will determine whether the buyer finds the property worth a look inside. Hence, to avoid any dropouts, ensure that your home is ready to lure in onlookers with the following tips:

  • Welcome visitors with an inviting porch. Repaint or stain the porch floor as needed
  • Wash front windows
  • Add some flowers and tend your lawn for a fresh looking lawn. Mow lawn, and reseed or add fresh sod as needed
  • Hang easy-to-read house numbers or names. Ensure that buyers do not get lost in the neighborhood while trying to find your home
  • Have tidy siding and walkways. Ensure to power wash them before putting a home on the market.

2. Revive your floors

Give all the floors in your home a thorough cleaning and if they are carpeted then ensure to steam clean the carpets. Additionally, consider having wooden flooring refinished, especially if they are in poor shape. If you do not have the budget to refinishing wooden flooring then the strategic placement of area rugs is a long time solution.

3. Think seasonally

When you are selling a home, ensure that it fits the season when you are selling it in. That is a plus point. If you are putting it up for sale in summer, ensure that you have a beautifully shaped garden and that that any other extra features like a pool or a fire pit are cleaned and ready to go. Similarly during winters or in autumn warm up the air with by building a fire in an open fireplace along with some simmering hot apple cider on the stove.

4. Create a lifestyle people are looking for

As you go about staging your home for sale, try not to go overboard by making everything look too lavish or downright plain. The truth is that in both cases it might turn off your customers. In the first case because it looks expensive and in the second case because the property might just not be what they are looking for. What buyers are really looking for is a place they can call home, where they can come back and relax after a hard day’s work. Hanging a hammock in your backyard could give your home the perfect relaxing touch.

5. Mount Mirrors in Strategic Spots

Place mirrors next to or directly across from a window so that they can pull in more sunshine and light up the any dim area in the room. Mirrors add extra light to rooms that look dark while also making them appear spacious. When mirrors are placed together, they will appear to double the size of a space.


Selling out your home is a stressful situation in a world of economic uncertainty and fragile property markets, homeowners are finding it increasingly difficult to seal the right deal.

Banks are refusing to offer credit, the unemployment rates are rising, and house prices are falling. Furthermore, home buyers and investors are not as forthcoming as they used to be in the boom years and first-time buyers are not as interested in buying a house.

Home staging is also profitable to the seller because potential buyers do not want to see work that needs to be done upon moving into their new home.

Relative to the amount of time and money involved, staging may be one of the most rewarding projects that you will ever undertake. Keep in mind that potential buyers are not just looking for a place where they can crash for a night or two. They are looking out to fulfill their dreams and improve their lifestyles. Staging helps in selling off those dreams and create a more emotional purchase that can generate more money for the seller